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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Corporate Apple Polishing.

We were very surprised to see the results for Apple published late last year by CIO Insight in their December Issue.

Nobody expects Apple to gain much share in the enteprise yet this survey seems to indicate otherwise. The survey itself seems legitimate with 884 qualified responses. More information on how it was conducted is in the report.

The highlight is that Apple is now #2 on the overall list versus #5 last year and #9 the year before. (Red Hat is #1 and was so last year when it first made the list.)

This survey was conducted *before* the announcements about MacBook Pro models being able to run XP and Microsoft delaying Vista.

We'd also note that the corporate favorite ThinkPad has a new owner that may have more consumer-oriented ambitions and Michael Dell musing that he'd like to sell computers running OS X.

So the opportunity for Apple in the corporate space may be greater than we had thought. It's time to do a little survey of our own.

[I wasn't able to post a direct link to the PDF of the survey on their site so you have to dig it out. If anyone else manages to find one feel free to add it as a comment.]