Research 2.0

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Calendar 2.0?

We're tired of new calendars. Each one coming with a slightly different assortment of features and improved eye candy. When we ask about advanced functions and smart calendar behavior we are told they are all "tough use cases" and not planned in any future releases.

A calendar knows where I am going. It's easy to map it to my address book by location. It's easy to transfer a travel reservation automatically. It's not hard to deliver time and location-aware advertising to me based on my interests and plans.

Hopefully we are moving to a stage where developers will focus on adding these functions to existing calendar interfaces, be they Google Calendar, Outlook, iCal or what have you.

There's plenty of buzz around Scrybe which does indeed look like a nice implementation of a number of personal applications. While it is worth taking a look at and considering, the issue most people have now is that they are not really looking to ditch their existing calendar. Adding advanced functions in an integrated and seamless fashion seems like a way to win users.

We moved to Google Calendar some time ago for basic features and easy sharing. There's no offline capability and data import/export is a drag. These are problems we think will be solved soon. Generally speaking there is still too much focus on building the "next thing" and not enough on making what we have work much better by implementing those "tough use cases."